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New cRIO ISCM – Flawless Hattrick

CGS provides three new cRIO “Intelligent Sensor Calibration Modules” (ISCM) for the universal sensor programming device based on NI cRIO. The new ISCMs are for sensors from three different sensor manufacturers:

The C22 was developed for the IDT ZSSC4169D, a pressure sensor that is used, for example, in the hydraulic brake systems of cars.

The Melexis MLX12133 pressure sensor can also be used in such areas of application and is programmed with the C23.

The third module, the C25, covers the sensors of the Infineon TLE5014 family, which are used, for example, as rotation angle sensors in vehicle steering systems.

The modules can program up to 2 sensors in parallel as well as read back and decode the signals from multiple sensors (SENT SAE J2716, or PWM). The C25 for the Infineon sensor also supports the SPC protocol.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.

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