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Programmer for Infineon TLI4971

The partnership with Infineon has resulted in a further programming device (ISCM) for calibration and programming of the TLI4971 current sensor in automated industrial production environments. The ISCM was presented in a live demo during the Infineon Virtual Sensor Experience on July 21.

“The first family member, the XENSIV™ TLI4971, covers current measurement ranges from ±25 A up to ±120 A. It is designed for industrial applications such as motor drives up to 50 kW or photovoltaic inverters. Further products of the sensor family will follow in 2020 and will be qualified for automotive applications”. (Source:

The ISCM (C20) allows parallel programming and reading of three TLI4971 sensors. Thus, devices with three phases can be calibrated in one run. Due to parallel programming, the calibration and test time in the production of industrial products can be significantly reduced. Especially when calibrating “on-the-fly” in combination with a reference sensor. The evaluation and assignment of the measured values is done in real-time in the FPGA.


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