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Sensor programming and function test in one adapter

Due to the compact design of the sensor programming device from CGS, it is also possible to integrate it directly into an adapter. In this way, the DUT-specific parts, such as the appropriate programming interface for the sensor family and the mechanical mounting of the test item, can be combined to form a unit in the adapter.

The adapter can then be exchanged as a unit in your test system within a few minutes. In addition to the cost savings for a separate programming adapter, there is also no additional time for handling from one station to the next, which in turn increases your productivity. A typical application is small series or production volumes of up to approx. 500k units per year. The adapter is operated by hand or with a robot.

For high-volume productions, the sensor programmer can also be easily integrated into the test head of an existing inline system or an ITS (Inline Test Station) from CGS. Here, up to 2 million sensors per year can be programmed in one line.

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