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The ETH2S101 carrier for simpler sensor applications

The ETH2S101 is designed to accommodate a CGS-cRIO module and provides control via TCP/IP commands.

The ETH2S101 combines the proven sensor technology of CGS with a stand-alone system that can be controlled by various control devices.

Special customer requirements and triggers can also be implemented using the I/O bus connector.

With the ETH2S101 you get a compact, powerful tool for the production and calibration of sensors. Thanks to its robust housing, it is also suitable for use in demanding production environments.

Thanks to its small size and DIN rail mounting, this carrier can be easily integrated into a wide range of systems.

The compatible modules currently include all CGS programming modules (ISCM) for common sensor element manufacturers. An overview of the supported sensors can be found at: www.thesensorprogrammer.comĀ 

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