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Test Systems, Measuring Devices, Electronics, Mechanics, Smart Home Technology

We develop and manufacture test systems for electronic devices in the fields of Automotive, Aerospace and Energy. As a system provider we can supply you with everything for your test system out of one hand. From designing, developing, or configuring to manufacturing and maintenance. All products meet the highest quality standards while having an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Testsysteme für Automotive, Aerospace und Energy

Whether it is development, qualification, or production: We offer a cost efficient, economically ideal solution for the testing of electronic devices for the automotive industry. Of course we also develop test systems for the fields of aerospace and energy.

We allow savings of up to 80% by consistent standardization and through this the reusability of the tester hardware.

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Präzisions-Messgeräte zur Strom- und Spannungsmessung

We develop and manufacture in the field measurement high-quality precision  measurement devices for current and voltage measurements. Their accuracy is up to 0.05% (typical 0.02%) and the temperature drift is smaller +/- 30 ppm per °C. Our measurement devices are available as desk- or as 19” rack version.

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Elektronik - Karten und Haustechnik

Our broad standard program for our electronic cards makes it possible for the flexible manufacturing of customer-specific complex test systems which are optimally balanced both price wise and for the testing purpose. If required, we also develop for our customers new custom-made, product specific electronic cards.

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Our profound electronic competence is expanded through our mechanical competence. We manufacture high-precision mechanics and adapters for the optimal contacting of your DUTs (Device-Under-Test) with our state of the art machinery.

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Elektronik  Haustechnik

Electronics - Smart Home Technology

The optimal solution for controlling and automation of your home technology like lights, roller blinds, doors. and gates ranging from the residential house to the factory building.

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