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Power Supply Analog PSA7
The analog power supply PSA7 is designed for the use in an electronic lab. In addition to its fixed 5V voltage output it also features a second ± output voltage which can be chosen from six different voltage levels using a rotary switch.

- Linear regulated
- Permanent short-circuit proof
- Overheat protection
- U2 variable
- Ripple: max. 2mVpp
Product number:04268001
Inputs:230 V AC
Outputs:5 V / 2,5 A
±10 V, ±12 V, ±15 V, ±18 V, ±20 V or ±22 V / 0,4 A
Display:3 LEDs
Format:Euroboard format (100mm x 160 mm), Front panel 3U / 10HP
Netzgerät PSA7