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Relay card R104A
The relay card R104A is a 24 channel matrix up to 1 A, where all 24 DUT pins (X3) can be switched to 24 loads (X4) or to a parallel bus (X5). Additionally, when switching to the loads (X4), it is possible to measure the current in each channel with the LQI26 integrated into the system.

Furthermore, each DUT pin can be switched to the following internal channels:
- HC9 (Power Supply 1 +)
- HC10 (Power Supply 1 -)
- HC11 (Electronic Load 1 +)
- HC7 (Electronic Load 2 +)

The DUT Pins 1-16 can be routed directly to LC-Bus 1-16.
Product number:R104A000
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device,
MFTS - Manual Operator Software
Bus:Xdbus 2.0
Inputs:24 DUT
Outputs:24 Load, 24 Parallel bus, 16 LC-Bus
PS1+, PS1-, EL1+, EL2+, LQI26 CH1/CH2
Display:Status LED
Relais:1 A
Format:Long double euroboard (233,4 mm x 220 mm), 6U/4HP