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Load card 0002
The L0002 is listed as a sample card for customer- or project-specific load cards for the MFTS500 system. Loads can be resistors, coils, antennas, electronic modules or any other original and replacement loads which can be mounted on the board and the heat dissipation can be ensured. Heat sinks, shielding panels or closed cassette design for voltages above 60V are possible.
Product number:MFTSL0002
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device,
MFTS - Manual Operator Software
Bus:Xdbus 2.0
Display:Status LED
Other:Customer specific load card for a standardized tester in the automotive gateway area.
Format:Long double euroboard (233,4 mm x 220 mm), 6U/8HP