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The LQI5 is a precision direct current measurement card. It features 6 measurement ranges for unipolar current measurements of up to 32 A. Current pulses shorter than 5 seconds can be measured up to 65 A.

As a special feature an auto range function is included. If the measurement falls below the current measurement range or exceeds it, the LQI5 switches within 5 ┬Ás into the next higher or lower range. This ensures that the module always measures in the optimal measurement range and possible damages are avoided. The changing in a lower measurement range can be deactivated via software when measuring pulsating signals.

A measurement is done every 1ms and the result can be read via software or the card sends in 1ms time frames the measurement values automatically.

The LQI5 was designed as a slot card for the MFTS100 system and can also be used in different qualification testers.
Product number:LQI50000
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, MFTS - Manual Operator Software
Bus:Xdbus 2.0
Trigger:Extern: 2x BNC (In and Out, 3.3 V TTL)
Frequency:1 kHz sampling rate
Other:Current measurement with auto range
Continuous measurement output
Measurement values on request
Isolation: 1000 V
Format:Europe card format (100 mm x 160 mm), 3U/4HP