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LB302/303-card LB404
The LB504 unifies two of the predecessor cards LB214 on only one card. To remain compact, the seldom used low current sections have been removed. It is now possible to switch currents from 100 mA up to 40 A (10s). Therefore for smaller currents than 100 mA, the LB805 or LB990 should be used. The card features the possibility to connect one or two DUT (Device-Under-Test)) pins or up to any 16 signals simultaneity on one bus line or divided up on two bus lines.
Product number:04402020
Inputs:16: min. 100 mA to 30 A
(40 A for 10 s)
Outputs:5: min. 100 mA to 30 A
(40 A for 10 s)
Display:42 LEDs, 32 for outputs, 10 for bus
Relais:NO (normally open) 12 V
Format:Double -Europe card format (233,4 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 6U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte LB404