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LB302/303-card LB180
The LB180 is used to interconnect the LB302/3 with external signal generators (e.g. D/A-converter, waveform generator, K-Line, resistor decade...). There are 6 single-ended, 3 potential-free, or every combination of generators connectable. They can be switched through a relay matrix to the LC-bus (Low-Curent-bus). From there the signals can be connected to the LB990 input cards, which are also wired to the DUT (Device-Under-Test). All relays on the card are interlocked to prevent shortcuts if there are software errors. The 18 LEDs on the front show the currently used LC-bus channels and inputs/outputs of the card.
Product number:03102020
Inputs:6: min. 10 µA to 3,5 A
(4 A for 10 s )
Outputs:3: min. 10 µA to 3,5 A
(4 A for 10 s )
Display:3 x 6 LEDs
Relais:Normally open (NO)
Format:Europakartenformat (100 mm x 160 mm), Frontplatte 3HE/4TE
LB302/303-Karte LB180