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LB302/303 card CL22
The CL22 is designed to switch CAN-H and CAN-L signals. The logic levels are additionally shown on a LED display. If this should interfere with the CAN signal, the display can be deactivated. It is possible for error simulation purposes to connect each channel with GND or Ubatt +. This function, for instance, can be used to simulate a broken wire. The sockets on the front panel are connected directly with the inputs of the channels. This allows it, for example, to supply the CAN signals directly from a laptop with Vector CANoe for diagnostic purposes.
Product number:03942020
Display:30 LEDs
Relais:24 x TN2 12 V, 1 A
Format:Europe card format (100 mm x 160 mm), Front plate 3U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte CL22