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The CGS-MV_I card is a precision DC measurement amplifier module (limited AC measurement). It is designed to measure, depending on the shunt resistor, up to 50 A continuously. The typical accuracy is 0.05 % with resolutions up to 200 mV / A.
The CGS-MV_I is designed to be mounted on a 35 mm DIN-Rail.

Calibration cycle: 1 year
Inputs:0-500 mA
0-1 A
0-2 A
0-5 A
0-10 A
0-20 A
0-50 A
(other ranges upon request)
Outputs:0-10 VDC
(other ranges upon request)
Frequency:Cut-off frequency: 5 kHz
Other:Overvoltage protection at the output
Supply voltage: 5 VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC version available
Format:L x W x H incl. connector and mounting device
75mm x 57mm x 35mm