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Intelligent Sensor Simulator Module - SENT
The CGS cRIO ISSM-SENT is a 2-channel intelligent sensor simulator for SENT which includes all necessary functions to test your ECU's robustness. This virtual sensor can be configured in terms of Clock tick time, data nibble count, pause pulse, slow channel, high- and low-level voltages of the signal, SPC support, timing errors and much more. Furthermore you can insert glitches or CRC errors and automatically generate SENT frames for sensor types A.1 to A.4. The module also offers a RAM for the play-back of up to 400,000 frames per virtual sensor as well as trigger outputs.

For more detailed technical information please refer to the flyer or user manual.
The ISSM supports both SENT standards: SAE J2716 February 2008 and January 2010.
Product number:C12ab700

a=1: 1 Channel
a=2: 2 Channels
b=0: SPC (NO)
b=1: SPC (YES)
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Trigger:2x output, trigger after SYNC frame
Outputs:Sensor type A.1 to A.4
Channels:Up to 2 virtual SENT sensors
Other:Clock tick: 0.5μs to 500μs
Glitches: min. 50ns
Resolution: 10ns
Data nibble count: 1-6
RAM: 2x 400,000 frames, one-time or loop play-back
Format:CompactRIO Single Module