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Intelligent Sensor Read Module - PSI5
The "Intelligent Sensor Read Module"-PSI5 can communicate bi-directionally with up to 6 PSI5 sensors per interface. Each channel can be configured individually, including options such as "Tooth Gap" and "Pulse Width" as well as 125 or 189 kbps bit rates.

PSI5 data module-internal processing reduces the load of the cRIO module on the pure data exchange with the ISRM. Thus, up to 8 modules per chassis can be used whereby data continuously and without loss of data can be recorded up to 16 PSI5 interfaces. The cascading of multiple systems, e.g. in quality assurance to the validation of a large number of sensors can be achieved with the ISRM very compact and flexible.

Optional are triggers for each channel available. The sensors are supplied directly by the cRIO module, thus no elaborate Y cable to separate power supplies are required.

The ISRM supports the PSI5 Base Spec. V2.1 and V2.2.
Product number:C14ab700
a=1: 1 channel
a=2: 2 channels
b=0: no option
b=1: Tooth Gap
b=2: Pulse Width
b=3: Tooth Gap + Pulse Width
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Inputs:Up to 2 PSI5 interfaces
Outputs:Up to 2 PSI5 interfaces
Trigger (opt.)
Format:CompactRIO Single Module