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Intelligent Switch Module
The Intelligen Switch Module is available as a 8 or 30 channels variant and equipped with NOC relays. The ISM-30 is available as a 0.5V and a 1A version. The specialty of the ISM-8 is that it can safely switch currents as low as 100μA but also up to 5A.
Product number:C04ab1d0
ab=08: 8 channels
ab=30: 30 channels
d=0: 0.5A
d=1: 1A
d=2: 100μA to 5A
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Relais:0.5A (10 W), 1A (20 W) or 100μA to 5A (1250 VA / 150 W)
Channels:8 or 30
Format:CompactRIO Single Module