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Intelligent Sensor Calibration Module - SENT (Infineon TLE49948x)
The CompactRIO ISCM-SENT (Infineon) module developed by CGS can sequentially calibrate up to 2 Infineon TLE4998x sensors with 2 channels each. In addition, the module can read the SENT signals in parallel on the 4 channels. The SENT is supported by standard SAEJ2716 and the SPC mode developed by Infineon.

The computing power for the complex programming routine and SENT decoding is provided by an FPGA installed in the module. The FPGA of the CompactRIO chassis is only used for communication with the CGS module. This allows up to 8 intelligent modules per chassis to be operated. The module is available for calibrating different sensors from several manufacturers. A list of supported sensors, e.g. by Infineon will be sent on request. The sensors are supplied via the module from an external power supply (18-36 V, not included). The ISCM supports the SENT standards SAE J2716 from February 2008, January 2010 and April 2016 as well as SPC.
Product number:C03ab700
a=2: 2 channels
a=4: 4 channels
b=0: SPC (NO)
b=2: SPC (YES)
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Inputs:Up to 4 (up to 16 with SPC)
Frequency:Tick-Time programmable from 0,5μs to 90μs in 10ns steps
Format:CompactRIO Single Module