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Intelligent Signal Analyzer Module
The 8 channel Intelligent Signal Analyzer Module ISAM from CGS is a multifunctional module with 3 functions:

• PWM analyzer (decoder) with max. 8 channels
• Incremental decoder with max. 12 channels
• Edge counter with max. 8 channels

The 12 channel incremental decoder uses for decoding a state machine integrated in an FPGA to provide reliable values without counting errors. Such miscounting can occur during conventional decoding using I/O modules and software, e.g. by micro-vibrations (multiple directional change before the end of the signal sequence) caused by servomotors.

• Two channels each can be configured with a different function
• All channels work with a frequency of 100 MHz
• Possibility to connect up to 4 incremental decoders (inputs A, B and Z)
• X1, X2 or X4 decoding
• Digetal filter (glitch filter) for PWM
• 8 channels with programmable input threshold

The ISAM replaces the IDM.
Product number:C08ab700
a=1: PWM analyzer
a=2: Incremental decoder
a=3: Opt.1 +Opt.2
a=4: Edge counter
a=5: Opt.1+ Opt.4
a=6: Opt.2 + Opt.4
a=7: Opt.1 +Opt.2 + Opt.4
b=0: 8 channels, no adjustable input threshold
b=1: 8 channels, adjustable input threshold (default 10V)
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Inputs:8 (+4 for incremental decoder Z)
Frequency:PWM: 1-20kHz with 1 channel (only for the auto-sending, otherwise 100Mhz)
Other:Resolution: 10ns
Input filter programmable (digital filter)
Replaces the cRIO Modul IDM
Format:CompactRIO Single Module