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Partnership between CGS and TDK-Micronas

CGS GmbH announces a strategic partnership with TDK-Micronas GmbH, a subsidiary of TDK Corporation. Following the multi-year cooperation between the two companies in the area of magnetic-field sensors, it was now agreed to further intensify the cooperation in the future. The first product that emerges from the partnership is the Intelligent Sensor Calibration Module (ISCM) programmer for use in automated industrial production environments. It is available as of today.

The production programmer “ISCM” has been developed as a module for the established cRIO platform of National Instruments. Depending on the chassis used, it can be connected either via Ethernet, EtherCAT, USB, or wireless. The CE and RoHS certified solution is capable of real-time operation and is flexibly scalable. It can be configured with other programmers and cRIO modules as required.

CGS is the only supplier recommended by TDK-Micronas for sensor programming solutions at the end of the assembly line. Current Micronas brand products of the 1D and 2D sensor families (HAL 18xy, HAL 24xy, HAL 36xy, HAL 37xy, HAL 38xy) can be programmed reliably and efficiently with the tools developed by CGS. Due to the ability of parallel programming of several sensors in mixing mode, test time and costs are significantly reduced.

For future sensor products, appropriate programming solutions are developed together in the development phase of a new sensor. The partnership guarantees optimal support of the respective production lines worldwide. Customers can benefit from standardized products as well as from sensor-specific know-how.

Furthermore, CGS offers customers worldwide the possibility to integrate into the production line and to adapt to customer-specific software environments up to turnkey applications.