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CGS ISCM C19 now available

From the partnership with TDK-Micronas, another programming device (ISCM) for the calibration and programming of HAL393y sensors in automated industrial production environments is now available.

“HAL 39xy is a new generation of 3D position sensors from TDK that meets the requirements of “Interference-free positioning of linear or rotary movements” and “ISO 26262-compliant product development”. (https://www.micronas.tdk.com/en/products/direct-angle-sensors/hal-39xy?detailnid=3591)

The ISCM (C19) allows parallel programming and reading of two HAL393y sensors. Besides the usual parameters like serial number, gain and offset, etc., both 17-point and 33-point linearization is supported. The sensor data can be read in PWM or SENT format. The additional switching output (configurable high/low-side switch) of the HAL3930 can also be read and programmed.

An ISCM for the HAL3980 with PSI5 interface is currently under development to cover the sensor family completely.