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CGS ISAM – New module for analyzing up to 4 signals

With the new Intelligent Signal Analyzer Module (CGS ISAM), based on the CompactRIO platform, it is possible to analyze up to 4 signals from sensors or encoders. These channels can be configured independently.

The new Intelligent Signal Analyzer Module (CGS ISAM) offers the following functions:

  • – Digital filter (glitch filter) for PWM
  • – Connect up to 4 incremental decoder (Input A, B and Z) with X1, X2, and X4 decoding
  • – Edge counter
  • – Sampling rate of 100MHz
  • – Adjustable input threshold (default 10V)

Special feature: The ISAM’s incremental decoder uses a state-machine integrated into the FPGA for reliable decoding without errors, i.e. caused by micro-vibrations of a servomotor.