Sensor – Programmer

Sensor – Programmer

By using the cRIO platform, the programming device is one hundred percent suitable for production use. Another advantage is the possibility to read the reference sensors synchronously. Thus, for example, multi-point calibrations can be carried out dynamically in a few seconds. The cRIO modules – Intelligent Sensor Calibration Modules (ISCM) – developed by CGS and certified by the sensor manufacturers, can write to and read back from sensors. As an alternative to the 4-slot chassis, an 8-slot chassis can also be used. Thanks to the modular design, you can, for example, monitor and log the voltages and currents of the sensors to be programmed in parallel with the optionally available cRIO ICVM module.

Through our direct cooperation with the sensor manufacturers, the range of supported sensors is constantly expanding. Please refer to the list below for compatible sensors.

Infineon TDK-Micronas Renesas / IDT TDK Allegro Microsystems Melexis AMS
TLE4998x HAL/R24xy ZSSC4169D TAD2140 A31312 MLX14612 AS5172
TLE5014 HAL/C/R36xy MLX14614
TLx497y HAL/C/R37xy MLX14615
TLI4971 HAL/C/R38xy MLX12130
TLI4972 HAL/C/R393x* MLX12133

*in development

Supported Sensors

3131A, HAL/3930, HAL/C/R393x, Melexis MLX12133, MLX12130, MLX14608, MLX14612, MLX14614, MLX14615, Renesas-IDT ZSSC4169D, TLI4971, TLx497y, AS5172 family, HAL/C/R36xy, HAL/C/R37xy, HAL/C/R38xy, HAL/R24xy, on Request, TAD2140, TLE4998x, TLE5014

Sensor Manufacturer

Allegro Microsystems, AMS, Infineon, Melexis, Renesas / IDT, TDK, TDK-Micronas