The PCM4112 is a precision direct current measurement module. It features 6 measurement ranges for unipolar current measurements of up to 32 A. Current pulses shorter than 5 seconds can be measured up to 65 A.

As a special feature an auto range function is included. If the measurement falls below the current measurement range or exceeds it, the PCM4112 switches within 5 ”s into the next higher or lower range. This ensures that the module always measures in the optimal measurement range and possible damages are avoided. The changing in a lower measurement range can be deactivated via software when measuring pulsating signals.

A measurement is done every 1ms and the result can be read via software or the PCM4112 sends in 1ms time frames the measurement values automatically.

The power supply of the PCM4112 is done solely over the USB port. Therefore no further power supplies are needed.


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Technical data

  • 1 channel
  • 2 external trigger ports
  • 8 trigger modes
  • Resolution: 16 Bit
  • Accuracy: 0,05%
  • Sampling rate: 5 ”s x 200 S (1 kS/s)
  • Isolation voltage: 500 V
  • Controlling and data transfer: USB

Operating modes:

  • Single measurement (6.5 digits)
  • Sample on request
  • Continuous transfer of samples (1 ms time frames)

Measurement ranges current:

  • 1,6 mA (25 nA resolution)
  • 16 mA (250 nA)
  • 160 mA (2,5 ”A)
  • 1,6 A (25 ”A)
  • 16 A (250 ”A, 0,1%)
  • 32 A (1 mA, 0,1%) / 65 A < 1 s
Additional Info
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