The MFTS500-System is specially designed for the testing of electronic control units (ECUs). It can be configured to be used as a development or as a production tester. Every effort has been made during development and design to ensure that the system is flexible and cost effective. Incorporating a new uniform bus system for all slots has now the advantage of not having a pre-assigned slot for one of the different current ranges of the load matrix. So the system is more flexible and cost efficient as the predecessor, the LB300 System.

The new with this system introduced Xdbus 2.0 contributes significantly to the improved efficiency and safety. Every additional card integrated in the system increases the performance compared to other bus systems, which divide up their band width and slow down. Log continuously measurement data (e.g. current and voltage) from over 500 channels at the same time!

Furthermore, a new technology named ā€˜Virtual Sensingā€™ is being introduced with the MFTS500. This makes it possible to measure the corresponding voltage of the active current of each channel with the smallest possible error. ā€˜Virtual Sensingā€™ provides an exact voltage measurement without wiring a sense line to every channel. This saves a considerable amount of wiring, IOs, multiplexer and therefore extensive costs. Also often is a direct wiring to the ā€˜device under testā€™ (DUT) pin not possible or because of long wires very susceptible to interference.

When changing to a new DUT, only the load box (original and substitute loads), the adapter to the ECU (harness or cassette), and testing software have to be changed. Everything else of the hardware remains unchanged.

Therefore, starting with the 2. DUT, 80% of the total costs of the system can be saved compared to a new system.

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