The MFTS100 is a self-sufficient test system with optional integrated touch screen for easy operation and display of measurement data or running processes.

There are 6 card slots available which are managed by the system controller SC100. The measurement data is stored in the device and can then be transferred to a PC for analysis via USB or Ethernet, e.g. to create a test protocol.

An optional battery with charging electronics can be installed to bridge mains fluctuations and disturbances. This option also ensures that when disconnected from the power supply, all measurement data is saved to the SD Memory Card and the operating system is shut down properly. This is a big advantage especially for long-term tests.

In addition to the use of existing cards from the standard program, the system can be ideally adapted to the test requirements together with the customer by developing customer-specific cards. The individual creation of operating software and test routines, on-site commissioning and our calibration services round off the service package.

Additional Info
Technical Data

Connected load: 230 VAC, fused with 3.15 A (opt. 115 VAC)
Number of slots: 6x euroboard (5x 6HP, 1x 8HP)
system controller: SC100
Communication: USB device and Ethernet 10/100 MBit
2x USB Host (1x external to front, 1x internal)
Internal interfaces: 6x UART, SPI, I2C, 7x GPIO input, 7x GPIO output (distributed to slots)
2 GB Micro SD Card (opt. up to 16 GB)
ARM9, 400 MHz (with opt. GNU/Linux OS and complete software development)


Touch screen: 3.2" TFT with a resolution of 320 x 240 (opt.)
Battery (opt.)

Dimensions L x W x H

316 mm x 63U x 4HP

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