The MFTR520 is a 20-slot chassis for any type of MFTS500 series cards with a total card width of up to 80 HP. In addition, it can be equipped with up to 4 cards of the MFTS100 series with a total card width of maximum 16 HP, e.g., the current measuring card LQI5. The chassis is used to build a test system in 19 ” format and is controlled via USB. The MFTR520E additionally provides an Ethernet port for the communication of 6 cards. This makes the chassis and its cards HIL-compatible (e.g., with NI VeriStand). Optionally the HC and LC buses are available with two connectors in the front of the chassis for access from the outside. Thus, a variety of chassis can be connected, signals can be tapped, or external signals can be fed in.

Optional voltage regulators for 0-32 V and currents of 2 A, 5 A or 10 A, which are supplied via chassis internal power supplies, will be available soon.

Slot cards not included.
Additional Info
Technical Data

19'' / 7 U
20 Slots, MFTS500 (6 U, total: 80 TE)
12 x HC-Bus
16 x LC-Bus
Ethernet (opt.)
Power rating: 230 V, x A

Current range

HC: 40 A p.Ch. (max. combined current: 200 A permanently, 600 A short-term)
LC: 5 A p.Ch. (max. combined current: 15 A)

Voltage range

max. 60 VDC for HC- and LC-Bus
max. 25 VAC for HC- and LC-Bus

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