The qualification tester LQ402 is designed to support up to 12 DUTs (Device under Test), for which the loads are installed in separate load boxes. The system consists out of 3 cabinets. One is for the electronic components with the primary measurement devices and the other two hold the 12 load boxes.

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Additional Info
Technical Data

Power input: 400 V, 16 A
Power supply: 0 – 20 V, 160 A
Number of DUTs: 12
Load boxes: 12 x LE401
Electronic rack: EQ404
Bus technology: Xdbus

Accessories for each load box

PR24: 1 – 3
Relay cards 8CP and/or 8TN: 1 – 9
Switchable loads / stimulation (not from DUT): up to 72
CAN/LIN: 2 channels
Battery PLUS (Cl.30) and Battery GND (Cl.31) (each 1x)



PXI-Components (opt.)

Chassis PXI-1044
Controller PXI-8105
Multiplexer PXI-2530 (6x)
Multimeter PXI-4070


Monitor: 17“ TFT with a resolution of 1280 x 1024
1U monitor-/keyboard drawer

Dimensions L x W x H

1200 mm x 600 mm x 1950 mm (Display/Keyboard folded out), 800 mm x 600 mm x 1950 mm (Display/Keyboard unfolded), 800 mm x 600 mm x 1950 mm (Loadrack)

The qualification test systems of the LQ400-series are used to test the life time of multiple DUTs at the same time. The main improvements are the implementation of the Xdbus technology and a trouble-free and cost-saving change-over to other DUTs.

Depending on the size of the DUT, the test system is equipped with:

a) 3 load boxes with 2 DUTs per box,

b) 6 load boxes (in a separate rack) with 1 DUT per box,

c) 6 load boxes (in a separate rack) with 2 DUTs per box,

d) 12 load boxes (in two separate racks) with 1 DUT per box.

The load box is simulating the environment of the car as realistic as possible. Real loads (e.g. motors for power windows) are directly switched from the DUT to qualify. Additional relay cards in the load box allow you to simulate for example to simulate the upper stop position of the power window with parallel resistors to increase the current.

In the qualification test system integrated current measurement cards allow you to measure any current from standby to full load.

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