The LB504 combines an LB214 and LB324B on one card. In order to remain compact, the less used low current range has been dispensed with. Currents from 100 mA to 40 A (10 s) can be switched. Therefore the LB805 or LB990 should be used for smaller currents.

The 16 pins of the test module are connected to the corresponding loads in the load module. In addition, each of the 16 module pins can be tapped at an associated socket in the front. Furthermore, it is possible to connect an assembly signal or up to 16 arbitrary signals simultaneously to one of 5 selectable bus signal lines. Two different relays switch for each module signal, depending on the initialisation of the current range. The low current range is between 10 µA and 1 A. High currents can be switched from 100 mA to 40 A.

The LEDs in the front indicate the status of the respective modules, green for high current relays, yellow for low currents.

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16: min. 100 mA to 30 A
(40 A for 10 s)


21: min. 100 mA to 30 A
(40 A for 10 s)


37 LEDs, 32 for inputs, 5 for bus


NO (Normally Open)


Double Euroboard format (233,4 mm x 160 mm) 6U/7HP

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