ISCM-TDK-Micronas HAL/HAC 3980 (C28)

ISCM-TDK-Micronas HAL/HAC 3980 (C28)

The CompactRIO module “Intelligent Sensor Calibration Module” (C28) developed by CGS can program and calibrate up to 2 TDK-Micronas HAL/HAC 3980 PSI-5 sensors in parallel. In addition, the module can read the data via PSI-5 on channels 1 and 2 in parallel. This is also possible if the two sensors work with different protocols e.g. sensor 1 with PSI-5 and sensor 2 in programming mode. The module supports data transmission speeds of both 125kbps and 189kbps.

The computing power for the complex programming routine and PSI-5 decoding is provided by an FPGA installed in the module. The FPGA of the CompactRIO chassis is only used for communication with the CGS module. This allows up to 8 intelligent modules per chassis to be operated. The module is available for calibrating different sensors from several manufacturers. A list of supported sensors can be sent on request. The sensors are powered thru the cRIO module, connected to an external power supply (10-36 V, not included).







Up to 2 PSI5 sensors


Up to 2 PSI5 sensors (TDK-Micronas Biphase-M protcol)


CompactRIO Single Module

Sensor Manufacturer


Product number

a=1: 1 Channel (1 sensor)
a=2: 2 Channels (2 sensors)

Supported Sensors

HAL/C 3980