ISCM-SENT TDK-Micronas HAL 393x (C19)

ISCM-SENT TDK-Micronas HAL 393x (C19)

The CompactRIO module “Intelligent Sensor Calibration Module” (C19) developed by CGS can program and calibrate up to 2 Micronas HAL393x sensors. In addition, the module can read the data via SENT and PWM on channels 1A and 2A in parallel and switch output on channels 1B and 2B. This is also possible if the sensors output their data via different protocols, e.g. sensor 1 uses SENT and sensor 2 uses PWM.

The computing power for the complex programming routine and SENT decoding is provided by an FPGA installed in the module. The FPGA of the CompactRIO chassis is only used for communication with the CGS module. This allows up to 8 intelligent modules per chassis to be operated. The module is available for calibrating different sensors from several manufacturers. A list of supported sensors can be sent on request. The ISCM supports the SENT standards SAE J2716. The sensors are powered thru the cRIO module, connected to an external power supply (10-36 V, not included).


CGS - Datasheet C19 Biphase TDK-Micronas_v1.1
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Up to 2 sensors (2 channels per sensor)


Up to 2 sensors


CompactRIO Single Module

Sensor Manufacturer


Supported Sensors

HAL/3930, HAL/C/R393x

Product number

a = 2; 2 Channels (1 sensor)
a = 4; 4 Channels (2 sensors)
b = 3; SENT + PWM
d = 0; Switch output enabled