We have developed a specific conveyor for our test heads. It has a modular structure and is known as an IMB (Inline Module Band). Essentially, it consists of the following modules:

  • Driving Control Module
  • Guiding Flanks Module
  • Divert Module

The transport belt runs over a spring-loaded belt-clamping unit and is made of ESD material. The clamping unit ensures that the belt is tensed properly and is automatically readjusted, resulting in a longer life when compared to conventional conveyor systems.

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The conveyor is a double-track conveyor with adjustable guiding flanks, and therefore can be individually adapted to your PCB size. The installation of band stoppers is possible at any point. Detection devices (e.g. scanners) for the test system can be easily built in. Thus, various UUT types (or sizes) are recognized and they can be conveyed to subsequent stations over crossways or removed from the circular flow etc.

The electronic control unit operates with 24 V supply voltage and provides:

  • distances
  • different speeds and
  • directional reversal

The IMB's modular structure allows a simple adaption to fit on our various test heads. The guiding flanks modules permit a length adaption of the driving control and divert modules and are also width-adjustable.

In fact, the IMB allows you to design the complete transport infrastructure of a test appliance.

The IMB is protected under CGS GmbH's European utility patent.

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