The CCM is a high precision 1 channel current/voltage measurement module. Communication and power supply via USB. Furthermore, the PC ground is galvanically isolated from the analog ground.

Depending on the shunt equipment, measuring ranges from 1 mA to 50 A are possible.
Voltages in the range 0 Volt to + 26 Volt with 4 mV resolution with a typical accuracy of +/- 0.02 % at 23°C can be measured.

There are 2 operation modes, 1st query voltage and current, 2nd cyclic auto transmission voltage and current. Other operation modes, such as voltage and current monitoring (error on request) and a master-slave mode for multiple modules to synchronize mode 1+2, are available as optional modes.

The 50A and 20A versions cannot accept expansion boards. All other modules can be equipped with up to 4 expansion modules.

Additional Info

CM – ManOp Software, Low-Level




1x current measurement, 1x voltage measurement


Expansion board (up to 4x)


35 mm DIN rail

Product number

50 A measuring range, 5 mA resolution, 0.1 % accuracy
20 A measuring range, 2 mA resolution, 0.05 % accuracy
10 A measuring range, 1 mA resolution, 0.05 % accuracy
5 A Measuring range, 500 μA Resolution, 0.05 % accuracy
2 A Measuring range, 200 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
1 A Measuring range, 100 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
500 mA measuring range, 50 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
200 mA measuring range, 20 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
100 mA measuring range, 10 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
50 mA measuring range, 5 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
20 mA measuring range, 2 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
10 mA measuring range, 1 μA Resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
5 mA measuring range, 500 nA resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
2 mA measuring range, 200 nA resolution, 0.02 % accuracy
1 mA measuring range, 100 nA resolution, 0.02 % accuracy


Resolution: 16 Bit
Insulation voltage: 500 V

The “Compact Module Series” is a low-cost solution. The modules are mounted on a 35mm DIN rail and offer various possibilities, from simple relay boards to current and voltage measuring cards with integrated multiplexers. These modules are also used in our load modules for example.

The modules are connected to the PC via USB and can be controlled via simple low-level commands, making them very easy to integrate into any type of software.

New modules are constantly being developed to cover the widest possible range of applications. Please contact our sales department if you have an application that is not already covered.

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