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Test system LB301

Testsystem LB 300 für Automotive Komfort Bereich

The LB301 test system is the smallest version of the LB-300 tester series. It is designed for development as well as for production.

The system is pin and software compatible to the larger test systems LB302 / 303. Due to the fewer needed I/Os, the tester features the compact G6 receiver (Virginia Panel Cooperation) compared to the larger G12 of the other tester versions. The LB301 is equipped with a 2kW power supply and can control one load box.

It is possible to install one 4U load box with one 4U electronic load or one 6U load box with one 2U electronic load. The system can be managed with an industrial PC or with a PXI system from National Instruments.

Please see the description of the LB302 system on the following page for more details.


Technical data:

  • Power rating: 230 V, 16 A
  • Number of total I/Os: 57
  • Receiver: VPC S6
  • Hig current modules (HCM): 1 (0,1 A bis 40 A)
  • Middle current modules (MCM): 1 (10 μA bis 5 A)
  • Low current modules (LCM): 1 (10 μA bis 0,5 A)

 Number of possible I/Os:

  • HCM: 16 I/Os
  • MCM: 16 I/Os
  • LCM: 16 I/Os
  • CAN/LIN: 6 Kanäle

 PXI components: (opt.)

  • Chassis PXI-1044
  • Controller PXI-8105
  • Multiplexer PXI-2530
  • Multimeter PXI-4070
  • Digital I/O card PXI-6528

Dimensions / Accessories:

  • Dimensions in mm (L x W x H): 780 x 555 x 1090 (w/o Monitor)
  • Monitor: 17“ TFT with a resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • Keyboard drawer (1U)