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Testsystem TSG BR211

Testsystem - TSG BR211 Entwicklungstester

Development tester for door control units. This test system can be used by the development department for testing pilot series and 0-series. On the large breakout-field all errors can be regulated and measurement values monitored.

The technical complexity of the wiring of the breakout-field was extremely high. Long cable harnesses for the control of loads (through relay cards in EIO480 at the very top of the system) stretched through the rack. To save manufacturing and testing time, all new test systems will be equipped with a TSG-Standard developed by CGS (see TSG Chrysler LX).

Through the TSG-Standard ease of servicing has sharply increased. Now an interchangeable card is simply used instead of entire cable harnesses needing to be dismantled.

The TSG BR211 was developed as a transitional solution, however, despite this ease of servicing of the test system was ensured from the beginning. The breakout-field is fixed on an aluminum board, which can be completely pulled out from the rack with the help of telescopic rails. All original and dummy loads are also found on the breakout-field, therefore, the lines are kept short and individual components can be easily exchanged.