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Slot cards not included

The MFTR505 is a 5-slot chassis for any type of MFTS500 series cards with a total card width of up to 20 HP. In addition, it can be equipped with up to 4 cards of the MFTS100 series with a total card width of maximum 16 HP. It is the smallest chassis to build a test system in 19 '' format and is controlled via USB. The MFTR505E additionally provides an Ethernet port for the communication of the cards. This makes the chassis and its cards HIL compatible (e.g., with NI VeriStand). All HC and LC buses have two connectors in the front of the chassis for access from the outside. Thus, a variety of chassis can be connected, signals can be tapped, or external signals can be fed in.


Technical Data:

  • 19'' / 3 U
  • 5 Slots, Xdbus2.0 (6 U, total: 20 TE)
  • 4 Slots, MFTS150 (3 U, total: 16 TE)
  • 12 x HC-Bus
  • 16 x LC-Bus
  • 9 x USB
  • 5 x Ethernet (opt.)
  • Power rating: 230V, x A

Current ranges:

  • HC: 40 A p.Ch. (max. combined current: 200 A permanently, 600 A short-term)
  • LC: 5 A p.Ch. (max. combined current: 15 A)

Voltage ranges:

  • max. 60 VDC for HC- and LC-Bus
  • max. 25 VAC for HC- and LC-Bus


Slot cards for MFTS500-Series.