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Relay card R2135
The R2135 is a 32 channel, 5 A relay card with integrated parallel current measurement for all channels.
The card provides 32 inputs for the DUT (Device-Under-Test). These can be switched to the 64 outputs of the card for an external load box. Each channel can be connected separate or at the same time to 2 different outputs.

The 2 integrated 16 channel current measurement modules have an accuracy of 0.2% with a resolution of 0.5 mA. 100 mA is the smallest current measurable.

The card must be calibrated every 12 month.
Product number:R2135000
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device,
MFTS - Manual Operator Software
Bus:Xdbus 2.0
Inputs:32 x 10 µA to 5 A
Outputs:64 x 10 µA to 5 A
Display:Status LED
Relais:12 V
Other:Current measurement sampling rate per channel: 10 S/s
Integrated digital filter
Format:Long double euroboard (233,4 mm x 220 mm), 6U/4HP