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LB302/303-card WD6
The WD6 and WD7 cards are resistor decades, which can be programed freely from 1 ohm to 1.048 megohm in 1 ohm steps. The programed value has a tolerance of 0.1%. The max. power consumption is 0.6W. The resistors are load trimmed and have an extreme low temperature coefficient. Because of a special interconnection on the card, we were able to compensate for the transition resistance of the relay switches. So the overall accuracy has been significantly increased. As a result, the specified tolerance refers now to the complete resistance range.

The card must be re-calibrated every 12 months at our calibration lab.
Product number:03702020
Relais:12 V
Format:Europe card format (100mm x 160 mm), Front panel 3U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte WD6