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LB302/303-card PWR3
The PWR3 (Power 3) card is the central power distributor of the LB302/3 unit.. It connects the power supplies, electronic loads, 2 shunt resistors and the power rear module to the HC-bus (High-Current-bus) and LC-bus (Low-Current-bus). Additionally it is connected to the EL4x and/or EL01 card, which it can switch on both busses. The PWR3 card includes 2 separate shunts for current measurements up to 40A.

Please note: Works only in combination with a PWR3C and PWR3Z1 and/or PWR3Z2 card
with PWR3z1 and PWR3z2
Product number:05002020
Display:76 LEDs for Relays and HC-bus busy
Format:Double-Europe card format (233,4 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 6U/7HP
LB302/303-Karte PWR3