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LB302/303-card LB990
With the LB990 it is possible to switch 16 module pins of the DUT (Device-Under-Test) to 16 parallel bus pins and also to the 16 loads inside the load box. The 16 DUT pins are also additionally accessible through a 3x16 relay matrix which is connected to the LB180. The card also features the possibility to switch a shunt of the PWR3 card into every line. Therefore it is possible to measure the current of 16 separate pins of the DUT.
Product number:04302020
Inputs:36 (min 10 µA, max 500 mA)
Outputs:16 (min10 µA, max 500 mA)
Relais:NO (Normally Open) 12 V
Format:Double-Europe card format (233,4 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 6U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte LB990