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LB302/303-card LB805
The LB805 integrates the LB404 and LB504 on one card. But the current is limited from 10 µA to 5A compared to the 100 mA to 40A (10s) of the LB404 and LB504. The LB805 is designed to be a room saving addition for a LB302/303 system. Different to the LB404/LB504 cards, the matrix can be switched on the HC-bus (High-Current-bus) as also on the LC-bus (Low-Current-bus). Therefore the two busses can now be connected without the PWR3 card.
Product number:05402020
Inputs:16: 10 µA to 5 A
Outputs:25: 10 µA to 5 A
Relais:12 V
Other:2 A fuses for LC-Bus
Format:Double-Europe card format (233,4 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 6U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte LB805