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LB302/303-card EL4D
The EL4D is supplied with the needed voltages by the use of the special power supply EL4N or EL41N. Whereas the predecessor card EL4 only used DC/DC converter. Additionally we have now included a new 12 bit precision D/A converter. As a result, the ripple could be lowered to only a few millivolts and the measurement accuracy is now 10 times higher than with EL4. The EL4D can be used as a electronic load, adjustable power supply and constant current. The card has in addition a read-back function, which uses a 12 bit A/D converter.

The card must be re-calibrated every 12 months at our calibration lab.
Please notice: The EL04D needs additionally an EL4N or EL41N power supply to function properly.
with EL4N or EL41N
Product number:04933220
Inputs:2 x analog, 2 x digital
Outputs:2 x analog, 2 x digital (optional)
Amplitude:0 - 20 V, 0 - 4 A, 12 bit resolution each
Display:9 LEDs
Format:Europe card format (100 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 3U/8HP
LB302/303-Karte EL4x