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LB302/303-card EL41N
The power supply EL41N is an analog power supply with a ripple voltage < 5 mV. It is used exclusively to provide the internal voltages for the parallel use of EL01 and EL4D. As an additional safety feature, if the start up self-test was not successful, the SC1 (System Controller Card) enables only the 5V for the CPU. All other voltages are disabled for safety reasons. The EL4N also has over-current protection featuring a resettable fuse. It protects against shorts and resets itself, when the short is removed.

The power supply EL41N is a stronger version of the EL4N in the +5V.range. It was designed for parallel use of the EL01 and EL4D or EL4A.
Product number:04923021
Inputs:2 x 230 V AC, +12 V DC for fan
Outputs:+5 V / 450 mA
+15 V / 100 mA
+24 V / 4000 mA
+27 V / 100 mA
-15 V / 100 mA
Display:5 LEDs for 5 output voltages
Format:Europe card format (100 mm x 160 mm), Front panel 3 U/21 HP incl. fan
LB302/303-Karte EL41N