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LB302/303-card DA850
The DA850 is used to provide exact direct current voltages (max. 50mA per channel). Additionally, depending on the software version, different signals can be generated , e.g., a sinus curve. With additional RAM and software it is also possible to program curves into the RAM and replay them.

The card must be re-calibrated every 12 months at our calibration lab.
Product number:05302020
Outputs:8 (max. 50 mA per output, thus 400 mA total) programmable with a resolution of 5mV/bit
Amplitude:0 to +20V
Display:2 LEDs
Other:Software packages:
- PWM 1 bis 400 Hz, Range individual per channel programmable
- Ramp- and triangle voltages, ranges for all channel the same
- Sinus voltages with fixed frequency steps, offset and amplitude free programmable
- Output of programmable curves
(32K 12 Bit Value-RAM needed)
Format:Europe card format (100mm x 160 mm), Front panel 3U/4HP
LB302/303-Karte DA850