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Intelligent Motor Control Module
The IMCM is designed to drive a variety of brushed motors. The overload-proof 4-quadrant chopper outputs voltages between 5.5V to 16V up to a constant load of 16A (32A peak). The PWM can be set between 1kHz and 20kHz. The module is protected against undervoltage and overvoltage, shuts down automatically when overheating and is also equipped with a linear current limiting. Furthermore, protection for cross-conduction is integrated. Additional features are reversal of rotation direction, revolution counter and brake to V+ or GND.
Product number:C080b100
b=1: DC1616 variant
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Inputs:1x 5-16V
Outputs:1x max. 16V, 16A (32A peak)
Frequency:PWM: 1-20kHz
Other:In case current exceeds 10A, identically named pins (e.g. V+) must be connected on the mating connector.
Format:CompactRIO Single Module