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Intelligent Current and Voltage Measurement Module
The "Intelligent Current and Voltage Measurement Module" is used for the simultaneous measurement of voltage and current on all channels.

The ICVM can measure current peaks up to 320 mA / 3.2 A. With the programmable threshold value of the alarm trigger, out-of-range measurements are reported directly to the cRIO FPGA. This trigger can, for example, be used for disconnection in conjunction with the ISM or IMUX.

A further advantage is the voltage measurement after the shunt. As a result, the ICVM can be used to readjust the supply voltage and no additional sense lines need to be wired to the power supply.
Product number:C10AB1D0
A=4: 4 Channels
A=8: 8 Channels
B=1: 100 mA
B=2: 1 A
D=0: Alarm trigger (NO)
D=1: Alarm trigger (YES)
Communication:DLL, LabVIEW VI, VeriStand Custom Device
Channels:4 or 8
Format:CompactRIO Single Module