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03.04.2017 - CGS ISAM - New module for analyzing up to 4 signals
With the new Intelligent Signal Analyzer Module (CGS ISAM), based on the CompactRIO platform, it is possible to analyze up to 4 signals from sensors or encoders. These channels can be configured independently. [more]
21.02.2017 - CGS GmbH Significantly Epands its Production Area by New Building at its Headquarter in Markt Schwaben
CGS GmbH is expanding its capacities in the fields of mechanics, electrical manufacturing, PCB (Printed Circuit Bord) assembly, cable assembly and installation at its headquarters in Markt Schwaben. [more]
24.01.2017 - MFTS500 Platform Enhances Performance with FPGA Technology
CGS GmbH is currently developing an FPGA controller board for the cards of the MFTS platform. [more]
02.06.2016 - LabVIEW Certification Mr. Sukumaran
The CGS software team was recently strengthened by a National Instruments certified "Certified LabVIEW Architect", Mr. Sijeesh Sukumaran.
11.05.2016 - CGS ISSM - New module for simulating up to 2 virtual SENT sensors
With the new Intelligent Sensor Simulator Module (CGS ISSM), based on the CompactRIO platform, it is possible to simulate up to 2 virtual SENT sensors, for example to test the electronic control unit's robustness. [more]
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