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15.06.2010 - New multifunctional test system - MFTS500
The CGS GmbH is currently developing a new high-performance multifunctional test system. The MFTS500 is universally applicable as a development, qualification and production tester as well as for quality assurance. The implementation of newest technologies and the optimization of design provides the [more]
11.05.2010 - Test software: Highest quality through consistent continuing education
The CGS GmbH is specialized in the development of test and analysis software for test systems and control devices in the fields automotive, energy and aerospace. The high quality and reliability of the software is determined primarily through the commitment of highly skilled experts. To reassure thi [more]
19.04.2010 - Precision Current Amplifier CGS-MVI
The CGS-MVI card [1] is a precision DC measurement amplifier module. A limited AC measurement is also possible. It is designed to measure, depending on the shunt resistor, up to 50 A continuously. [more]
07.04.2010 - Electronic Load EL6 / EL7 – Current sink card with power supply function
The electronic load EL6/EL7 is a current sink card with power supply function. Thus the card not only operates as a electronic load, but also as a voltage supply and a constant current source. [more]
16.03.2010 - Precision Current Measurement Card LQI26G
The CGS GmbH presents at the Göpel Automotive Days in Jena from 13.04. to 14.04.2010 the LQI26G card, the further development of the innovative precision current measurement card LQI26. [more]
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