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High Quality requires Competent Partners

Our cooperation with the following partners enables us to do justice to our customer's high level requirements for our test systems.

National Instruments

National Instruments

As an Alliance member of National Instruments we are always at the forefront of new information relating to software and measurement technology.

Of course our customers also benefit from our preference for National Instruments service. Our employees are regularly trained and certified in the new technologies, therefore, you can be sure to find a solution for your problem with the competent employees of the CGS team.

PXI systems from National Instruments are preferentially integrated into our test systems. The software is written according to its application in Lab Windows/CVI, LabVIEW, TestStand or other National Instruments products.

Agilent Technologies

Keysight Technologies

CGS is an Keysight Technologies System Integrator and our customers benefit from our preference for Keysight Technologies services.

By analogously regulated power supply and electronic load we avoid ripples which improves measurement precision because disturbances are reduced to a minimum.

For this reason CGS uses Keysight power supplies and electronic loads as a standard, e.g. in our LB300-Test System for the automobile comfort area.

Agilent Technologies

Virginia Panel Corporation

We exclusively use VPC contacts when there is a high number of plug-in cycles to ensure the highest quality in our test systems. VPC has demonstrated consistently their competency in relation to quality and dependability, especially the G12 system which is used in our LB30X-Test system.

As a certified system integrator for VPC products we are in close contact to the research and development department providing us with the best possible solutions for our customers needs.

An example of VPC and CGS's collaborative work is our G12 keyboard insert with USB-Hub a great development achievement.