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Electronics and Mechanics

Produktkatalog - Elektronik - Karten


Our broad standard program for our electronic cards make it possible for the flexible set-up of custom-designed complex test systems which are optimally balanced both price wise and for the test task. If required, we also develop for our customers new custom-made, product specific electronic cards.

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Produktkatalog - Mechanik - Adapter


We manufacture adapters suitable for your test specimen and its development stage. Our products range from bed-of-nails test fixtures for development boards to end test adapters.

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Produktkatalog - Mechanik - Steckverbinder

VPC Plug Contacts

To guarantee a high quality level only VPC plug contacts are used when there is a high number of mating cycles. Our selection ranges from simple signal contacts to high current contacts, as well as high frequency contacts and pneumatic connections.

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Produktkatalog - Zubehör


As a certified System Integrator for VPC-Products we are in close contact with the development department also in the area of accessories, allowing our team to find the best possible solutions for our customers needs.

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Product Catalog - Central House Control Systems

Central House Control Systems

This is the optimal solution for controlling and automating your household electronic devices such as lighting, roller shades, gates and barriers, suitable for the home or factory building.

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