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Core Competence

We develop and manufacture test systems for electronic modules in the fields of automotive, aerospace and energy. We are a system house and therefore one-stop for all your test system requirements: Ranging from planning, development, configuration, production and maintenance. 

System Development

Our system development has accomplished a standardized set-up of the test systems and electronic modules, however, custom-designed solutions are also possible.

We keep to what we promise: Short development, production and delivery times at the highest quality level.

By request we can program testing-time optimized test software for your module with every National Instrument product (LabVIEW, Teststand,...), MS VisualStudio, Java and Python.


Not only the development but also the production of the test systems is carried out in house.

We offer maintenance, service and upkeep of the test systems around-the-clock when required.


Our comprehensive electronic competence is completed by our competence in the field of mechanics.

We have ultra-modern mechanical processing machines and can manufacture specific adapters and optimal contact systems for your test specimen.